The Chef

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Hello there, thank you for visiting my food truck website! I am Chef Julius and I’ve been cooking all my life. Due to the harsh circumstances of my upbringing, I needed an outlet. Instead of gearing toward negative outlets, (like many people I know and love)  I turned to the kitchen. Since the age of 6 I was helped in the kitchen. Whether it was peeling, cutting, or cleaning, that’s where I was most of the time. As the years went by I always noticed that people are often at their happiest and even smiling while eating. Observing this gave me the thought; “If I could make people happy like food does, will their happiness and smiles be for me? Will they give me that sense of belonging, that I’ve always wanted to feel? Will I matter for once?” These are a lot of big questions I asked myself at such a young age ( I was 12), but I had to know. From that point on food was my  passion. I seldom had food in my home, but when I had food and the opportunity to cook it, I shined! It was my way of being noticed and acknowledged, it was how I would escape the life around me.

As I got older my circumstances got worse, but I got better in the kitchen. A few years after I got out of high school I started to take classes with the end goal of being a pharmacist. Since I enjoyed math and science this seemed natural. A couple of years into school I realize that part of me was in it for the large paychecks they make, I never wanted to go back to the lifestyle I grew up in, nor did I want my wife or future children to experience that life, so money was a motivator not happiness. After much thought I decided to follow my heart and become a chef! Before I went to culinary school I realized that I had a knack for sauces. I loved them, and loved creating them even more. With my wife giving me support I tore through culinary school, honing my cooking skills and perfecting my sauce making skills. I soon graduated top of my class with a 4.0 gpa!

My first 2 jobs I got out of school gave me real world experience and helped me hone my skills even further. And when I could learn nothing more I moved on. As a chef when you master everything at your job, your skills start to diminish. Chefs must continue to challenge and improve their skills or we become obsolete. My last job before I started my truck was at the airport. I loved it because it challenged me every day! It was always crazy and busy and we were understaffed so that added to the challenge. After 6 months of working there I became the sous chef (the chef under the executive chef) passing my peers that I worked with. And for the last 3 ½ years I worked there each day, trying to be better than I was yesterday.

The year of 2015 I was working on creating a restaurant with 2 other people and after I had the back of the house all mapped and priced out, our third person backed out and when he left so did our investor connections. Him leaving caused the the second person in our trio to back off too. So alone I was again but not discouraged! I knew I reached the pinnacle at my current job and I needed to move on to challenge myself further, but no longer was I going to work for another person. Making their recipes when I had better ones, using their processes when I knew simpler ones. I knew I could still learn a lot in the culinary world and I wasn’t quiet at the level of those I look up to, yet I knew it was time I did my own thing.

After repeatedly convincing my wife and with the support of my 4 children, I set into motion starting my own business. After tons of licensing and paperwork my wife and I powered through. And as of July 2016 we now have a food truck! A restaurant on wheels, a place to call my own and create my own recipes. My mobile establishment that I will use to bring culinary bliss to mouths and bellies around! I will continue to use my passion of cooking and my passion of sauces to please pallets and bring those much needed smiles (that we both need) to peoples faces!